Fate & Fantasy


Do you think you can run away from me?
Do you think your beauty, your youth, your strong arms and legs
Can stride you to the ends of the world and walk away from the will
of the laughter of the Gods?
You are my playmate in this universe,
And there are no games you could play
that will make you hide from
What your soul has been seeking.
And I will count one thousand years,
two thousand years.
three thousand years..
And one day, like how it was meant to be,
You in your cumberbatch jeans,
And I with the calmness of my books and being,
Will smile and walk to the same spring
of where the Will stands.

“I imagine us before this life.”
You said.
“You going your own way and I travelling on mine.”
I said.

But there are no games we could play to score differently,
And there’s no hiding from that one eternal truth,
That in this lifetime of odds, and evens,
There’s no one like me, and there’s no one like you.


The Oceans


If you can drift
your way through
all these

easy breezy
gently gliding

would you?

would you drift
even if it means

the stream will become
your head

the current
your flesh

the breeze will become
your heart

and the river
your life

or would you
try to build yourself
a ship,
load it with fuel,
nestle it with anchors,
uplift it with sails,

so you could
find your way
into the oceans
that have
waiting for you

I Sparkle in the Dark


Do you know
that the more
the less we
can see.

You may see me,
and hold me,
paint my silhouette
in your memory

But you will never know
the journeys of thoughts,
the strength of my being,
the corridors in my soul,
the rime of my flesh,
and the scars (nor the beauty)
of my heart,

‘cause you only
want me in the sunshine…
But you must understand, love,
I mostly sparkle in the dark.


If I Could


if I could

i’d paint you a universe that you deserve..
it will be made of the first ray of sunshine
the tender bloom of tulips dancing by
it will be composed of lakes, still, and quiet,
as certain, as calm as the promise you bring
it will be a straight path of green fields
and solid bridges
where your snow sole can faultlessly slide

yet somehow

i am the darkest streak during these stormy nights
the last petal in resistance to surrender
and I am the wave relentless of the pursuit
to smash the great wall my own little hands built
i will be the bumpy ride of a map I recently lost
i acquired a habit of burning bridges
before I get there
and melting snowflakes even before they start to fall

i never understood but always felt
that I am the petal in resistance to surrender